Clamor is a knowledge portal that aims to gradually incorporate the Spanish music concert activity developed at the Fundación Juan March since its inception in 1975. Clamor enriches the audio of the live recordings with photographs of concerts, playbills, biographies of composers, scores, conferences and additional information deposited in the Library of Spanish Contemporary Music and Theatre. An advanced navigation system allows for searching the interconnected materials.

Its main objectives are the dissemination, promotion, research and knowledge of Spanish music. It is an open project designed with capacity for growth, which in its first phase presents the concerts of Spanish music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries held within three series of concerts:

  • Aula de (Re)estrenos: dedicated exclusively to contemporary Spanish music played in this series since 1986.
  • Tribuna de Jóvenes Compositores: scholarships and grants awarded to musical creation from 1982 to 1988 for young Spanish composers under thirty.
  • Conciertos especiales: initiated in 1975, they include premieres of works commissioned, sometimes presented by the composer, and other events.

In this first phase more than 158 concerts can be found, in which more than 800 compositions written by over 200 Spanish authors have been interpreted. Many of these works were promoted premieres commissioned by the Foundation, or interpreted only in its auditorium.

Clamor complements the audio and concert information with other resources of particular interest to the study of Spanish music: the voice archive of presentations, debates and discussions with the public scheduled or arising spontaneously during some concerts, photographs taken during the concerts, biographies and selected works of composers, and other related documentation. Clamor is the product of a multidisciplinary collaboration between librarians, computer scientists, musicologists and sound technicians.

All this information can be found by going directly to the concert in question, or filtering by various criteria: year cycle, composer, work, artist, group, number of participants in each performance and instrument. In addition to this, the user can perform simple or advance searches by various fields to analyze the collection by one or several combined elements.

Clamor is part of the digital repository of the Fundación Juan March. It is based on open source technologies under the Islandora digital asset management system framework developed by Canadian company DiscoveryGarden.

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